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The 9 initiatives implemented by the Government of Dubai for future development: a conversation with the consultants of Trinity Corporate Services

Sheikh Al Maktoum has announced 9 specific improvements as part of his 'Fifty Year Charter' program, aimed at improving life in Dubai: from a Virtual Commercial Zone to the Silk Road, here is the latest news explained by the experts from Trinity Corporate Services.

The document, which describes in detail the 9 initiatives, was published on Twitter by Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai.

“It is an annual document that I have named ‘­The Fifty Year Charter’ to mark my 50th anniversary of assuming my first official post in serving my country, and in the hope of another 50 years during which we will maintain a city governed by law and bound by the spirit of compassion, love harmony and tolerance”, said the leader.

The 9 initiatives are as follows:

  1. Dubai Silk Road

Dubai is a connection hub between East and West and between North and South, thanks in part to the world’s largest international airport connecting over 200 cities. Over one billion passengers will pass through its airports over the next 10 years. The next goal is to build a Silk Road in collaboration with neighbouring countries that share the UAE’s vision.

  1. A geo-economic map for Dubai

A geo-economic map for Dubai will be developed and specialised, integrated economic zones throughout the city will be created. Each geographical sector will have its own economic and investment objectives.

  1. The first virtual commercial city

Dubai will lead the creation of the first virtual commercial city in the region by granting business licenses without the requirement of having to reside in Dubai. The city will allow investors to open bank accounts and obtain electronic residences according to international laws and regulations, with the aim of welcoming 100,000 companies to the virtual city.

  1. A centralised training database for each citizen

A centralised database will be developed to document the academic qualifications achieved by each citizen, the lessons and training received and the conferences attended. This will allow the Administration to design customised educational plans that fit the specific skills of each citizen.

  1. A doctor for every citizen

The goal is to provide citizens with medical consultations 24 hours a day, through hundreds of thousands of doctors, specialists and medical consultants all over the world, via a smart government application.

  1. Economic and creative Free Zones at Universities

The foundations of Dubai are rooted in trade, so public and private universities will become Free Zones that will allow students to carry out commercial and creative activities.

  1. Self-sufficient homes

An integrated program will be developed to create a complete system that allows at least one tenth of the homes of the citizens of Dubai to be self-sufficient in terms of water, food and energy. Achieving this goal will help change lifestyles and will contribute to the preservation of the environment.

  1. Cooperative companies in various sectors

The aim is to offer citizens new sources of income, improve the quality of certain services through privatisation and establish citizen-owned cooperative companies in a number of critical sectors.

  1. Increase in philanthropy

Day-to-day activities and projects should not make us forget the importance of giving back to those who are in need. The Government of Dubai is committed to increasing philanthropic initiatives every year, ensuring their growth is at least equal to annual economic growth.

This programmatic document demonstrates how Dubai and its Administration are increasingly focused on the welfare and improvement of their society and economy.

Registering a company in this country is a real opportunity to increase one’s quality of life and to create wealth. In recent years, socio-economic development in UAE has been constantly expanding and the current environment is very favourable for those who wish to launch a new company in Dubai quickly and easily and enjoy a high quality of life. The consultants of Trinity Corporate Services are the best professionals to speak with in terms of internationalisation of business in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates.

In January 2019 Trinity Corporate Services opened a new office in Lugano, Switzerland, to provide information and advice to those residing in Europe and with an interest in the UAE market.

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