Set up your company in Dubai Mainland

What is Dubai Mainland Company Setup?

A Dubai Mainland license presents an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish a strong foothold in the United Arab Emirates. Issued by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), these licenses enable businesses to conduct operations within and outside the UAE.

Advantages of obtaining a Dubai Mainland company license

Dubai Mainland licenses allow for full foreign ownership, providing you with complete control over your business operations.
With a Dubai Mainland license, you have the freedom to conduct business anywhere in the UAE, enabling you to tap into various regional markets.
You can own or rent office spaces within Dubai Mainland, giving you flexibility in choosing the location that best suits your business needs.
Dubai Mainland has fewer nationality restrictions when it comes to obtaining a trade license, making it a more inclusive option for business owners.
Dubai Mainland companies have the privilege of doing business with government entities, opening doors to potentially lucrative government contracts.
Opening bank accounts, especially with traditional banks, is relatively easier with a Dubai Mainland license, ensuring smoother financial operations.

Expand Horizons with Dubai Mainland Business Activities

Dubai’s global reputation as a premier business destination is well-deserved. It’s a place where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives, & the allure lies in the seamless process of establishing a business, accompanied by a myriad of enticing advantages.

Dubai Mainland company license’s 3 options

Commercial License

Professional License

Industrial License

Commercial License

Commercial License

The Commercial License is designed for businesses seeking to participate in the buying and selling of goods, commodities, & various trade activities within the UAE. This DED issued license is also granted to general & specialized traders, as well as businesses involved in retail, construction, & real estate operations.

Professional License

Professional License

A Professional License is granted to individuals or corporations specializing in services that require expertise, talent, and skill. This encompasses professionals in fields such as accounting, design, tourism, & other service sectors where proficiency, skills, & experience play a pivotal role..

Industrial License

Industrial License

The Industrial License for Mainland Company enables businesses to engage in industrial activities like production, accumulation, & packaging. Typically, this license is granted to enterprises involved in the transformation of raw materials or resources into finished products.

Steps in Setting Up Your Business Under a Dubai Mainland License

Step 1

Choose your business activity

Step 2

Register your company’s name with DED

Step 3

Apply for Mainland Trade License

Step 4

Secure an office space or coworking space

Step 5

Prepare required documents

Step 6

Pay Fees and Collect the License

Step 7

Open Your Business Bank Account


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