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Trinity Group’s expert company formation services provide the perfect foundation to bring your business vision to life, offering unrivaled support every step of the way.

    Choose Your Jurisdiction

    Choosing the proper jurisdiction for your Business in the UAE is a crucial decision. We offer expert guidance to help you navigate the choices and select the best fit.

    Mainland Company Setup

    With Trinity Group's support, you can tap into the local market with ease and experience unrestricted business opportunities, giving you the confidence to grow your business.

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    Free Zone Company Setup

    Benefit from remote registration procedures, tax exemption possibilities, and world-class infrastructure across more than 40 free zones.

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    Offshore Company Setup

    Boost your Business with flexible regulations, confidentiality, and asset protection.

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    Why Setup Business In The UAE ?

    Discover the unmatched advantages of setting up your business in the UAE, one of the world's most prosperous economies.

    The UAE offers remarkable access to pivotal markets, as it is placed at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is an ideal hub for international trade and commerce.

    You can enjoy a favourable tax environment and no personal income tax maximising your profits.

    UAE has a highly diversified economy with strong sectors in finance, logistics, technology, and tourism. It provides ample business opportunities.

    Setting up a business in the UAE allows investors to begin and expand their businesses easily. The government's policies primarily support foreign investors.

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    How it works

    How Does it Work?

    Starting a business in the UAE is a straightforward process that involves:

    1. Initial Consultation >
    2. Jurisdiction & Activity Selection >
    3. Document Submission >
    4. Company Formation >
    5. Residence Visa >
    6. Bank Account >
    7. Ongoing Support ✔
    Why choose us

    Why Choose Trinity Group for Your Business Setup Needs?​

    Enjoy remarkable and personalised services with Trinity Group.

    Extended Services

    Beyond company formation, we offer a suite of services to support your Business's ongoing growth and success.

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    UAE Golden Visa

    Secure long-term residency in the UAE for entrepreneurs, investors, and specialised talents which ensures extended stability for you and your family members.

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    Tax & Accounting

    Tax & Accounting

    Take advantage of our complete tax and accounting services to ensure that your company abides by the financial regulations and requirements. These services will assist you in remaining compliant and efficient.

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    Banking Services

    Banking Services

    Our team provides account opening services with banking options locally and internationally to help you identify the most suitable solution and assist you throughout the whole process.

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    Property Ownership

    Property Ownership

    Invest in real estate in the UAE and take advantage of the UAE Golden Visa.

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    Citizenship by Investment

    Citizenship by Investment

    Investigate the possibilities of obtaining citizenship through investment programs. It will provide you and your family with increased mobility and protection.

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    Residency By Investment

    Residency By Investment

    You can obtain residency by taking advantage of various investment opportunities. This will allow you to enjoy the advantages of living in one of the most affluent and secure countries in the world.

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