Property Ownership

What is Property Ownership?

When investing overseas, the tax implications of buying,  owning and selling properties are of primary importance, but they can also be confusing due to inheritance tax, capital gains tax, or the vagaries of forced heirship. In the UAE, the Freehold Property Ownership Law allowing non- UAE nationals to own properties, has led to a continued boom in the real estate market. Overseas buyers account for a large proportion of properties transactions in Dubai as well as in the other Emirates.
By owning real estate through a company, real estate investors better protect their asset than if the property is owned individually. Trinity Group strongly advises that serious consideration be given to purchasing property via a corporate structure.

Why own through a company?

Structuring the right type of ownership vehicle can protect your interests now and for inheritance. The UAE applies Islamic Sharia Laws for inheritance of personal effects and real estate. Islamic Sharia is very different to common law and civil law in many countries as it enforces a set inheritance scheme. However, with the correct advice, you can avoid complicated inheritance procedures through the use of an offshore company because passing on shares in a company is often more controllable than controlling individual properties.
Company ownership of a property provides an easy method for joint investment, confidentiality, & organizing assets under a manageable structure. When an offshore company holds a property, the company’s owners or partners own the shares of the company & the company’s name appears on the title deed rather than the individual.


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